All China Sourcing, LTD. is a sourcing firm with a difference. We understand that in order to get the best price and the most efficiency out of China’s broad manufacturing base, it takes much more than trying to solicit competitive bids from multiple suppliers.

It takes a group that can rationalize and streamline the entire supply chain. For no matter how low a bid may be, it is still hostage to unpredictable production and distribution cycles, which raise costs and increase turnaround times.

All China Sourcing, LTD...

...acts as your virtual sourcing provider

...saves your company valuable time, money, and resources

...quickly identifies the most-reputable and best-qualified factories

...ensures high-quality results for your products

...provides expert English-Chinese translation on the most technical of specifications

...negotiates competitive pricing from the factories on your behalf

...represents your interests, not the factories'


Quick Bits of Info About China!

UPS is delivering the goods in a big way in China. It's spending $500 million to expand
operations and add 20 warehouses and distribution facilities by 2007.

China had 3.8 million private enterprises by late 2004, an increase of more than 26% compared with the previous year. Entrepreneurship is booming in China.

Over the next 10 years, private entrepreneurs are likely to account for 60% of the total increase in China's national wealth. Is that a Super Capitalist country or what?

China is now open for major franchisers in America! In February 2005, China implemented new franchise regulations, ensuring that investors share the same operating conditions, rights and obligations.

China Outsourcing News

In today's global economy, doing business overseas can help you and your company achieve strategic business objectives.

FAQ for Outsourcing Manufacturing in China

We receive a lot of questions about how best to handle outsourcing manufacturing everything from balsa wood airplanes to printed circuit boards and more.  Basically, if you can think of a product - it can be manufactured in China at substantial savings.

Here's some helpful information:

What can happen if I do not proactively investigate the benefits of outsourcing manufacturing in China?
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Why should I consider outsourcing in China?
Almost any manufactured item can be sourced in China. The products that will provide the most savings are those with high labor content
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All China Sourcing News!

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