About All China Sourcing, LTD.

We are a sourcing firm with a difference. We understand that in order to get the best price and the most efficiency out of Chinaís broad manufacturing base, it takes much more than trying to solicit competitive bids from multiple suppliers.

It takes a group that can rationalize and streamline the entire supply chain. For no matter how low a bid may be, it is still hostage to unpredictable production and distribution cycles, which raise costs and increase turnaround times.

Thatís why All China Sourcing has invested in rigorous onsite pre-qualification and integration of upstream and downstream suppliers in China: so that we can assemble the most efficient supply chain for any given production line. We have been successfully outsourcing products to China for 15 years, and our Director of Engineering is an American, with 24 years of experience in Electronic, Electro-Mechanical, Cable, and Box Build Manufacturing including Mechanical and Printed Circuit Board Design. We have 80 Engineers at our disposal, representing all disciplines, 2 Sister Companies, and Design Services are available.

We are focused on connecting businesses in the US and China and provide a full range of services for American and Chinese businesses looking for new opportunities - or new approaches to existing opportunities.

We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to handle your sourcing needs.  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US TODAY!




 All China Sourcing, LTD.

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